CLIP-ings June 26, 2015

Internet Governance

Revenge Porn Takedown: Google will expand its otherwise “narrow and limited” search-result removal policy and soon consider requests to remove sexually explicit images posted without their subjects’ consent.

Subsidized Internet: In an effort to reduce the digital divide, the FCC voted to offer independent Internet access under Lifeline, a program that subsidizes telecommunications services for low-income households.


No License To Scan: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal vetoed the state legislature’s “plan to acquire [license plate] scanners,” on the ground that they “create large pools” of law abiding citizens’ information.

Information Security and Cyberthreats

SEC Chases Phishers: In a recent investigation of hacks that informed insider trading, the Commission for the first time requested breach information directly from the hacked companies.

Intellectual Property

Cert. Patently Denied: Google unsuccessfully petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the Federal Circuit’s finding that Street View infringes Vederi’s “vertical flat” imaging patents.

Free Expression and Censorship

Cyberharassment Not Free Speech: A New York district court held that a man’s statements on websites he created to deride his former employer were not protected by the First Amendment because they were defamatory and part of a “campaign of retaliatory harassment.”

Practice Note

The Justice League: The Supreme Court declined to overturn precedent and held that Marvel is not required to pay royalties to a Spider-Man toy’s inventor after his patent expired despite the parties’ agreement to the contrary.

On the Lighter Side

Bill Nye The Emoji Guy: Watch this science legend explain climate change with the help of a few emojis.

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