CLIP-ings: June 19, 2015

Internet Governance

FTC Tackles Crowdfunding: In a first-of-its-kind case, the FTC settled a complaint against the creator of a crowdfunding campaign who kept the funds he raised without delivering on the campaign’s promise.


“No” To CISA, For Now: The Senate voted to exclude from the defense spending package a provision that would allow government agencies to take user data from private companies without judicial oversight.

Privacy Face-Off: Consumer advocacy groups withdrew from talks with the N.T.I.A. over privacy guidelines for facial recognition technology after finding the Agency unreceptive to “minimum rights for consumers,” such as the requirement that companies using the technology “seek and obtain [their] permission.”

Information Security and Cyberthreats

“Peanuts & Hacker-Jacks”: In the wake of claims that Cardinals officials hacked into the Astros’ database and compromised information about the team, the Astros’ General Manager denied allegations that he failed to use new passwords when he moved to his current position from the Cardinals.

Intellectual Property

Quit Copying Me: London’s Sunday Times issued a copyright infringement notice to a blog that criticized the paper’s front-page article and included an image of the article in its post.

Free Expression and Censorship

No Immunity In Estonia: In a decision incompatible with other EU precedent, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that an Estonian news site is liable for comments posted by users.

Practice Note

Employees Of The Month? The California Labor Commission’s ruling that an Uber driver is an employee and not an independent contractor suggests potentially broad implications for other start-ups that provide crowdsourced services.

On the Lighter Side

Four-Emoji Passcode? Apparently, “input from lots of millenials” led developers to create technology that allows emoji-compatible passwords. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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