CLIP-ings: September 30, 2022

Internet Governance

Apple Removes Popular Russian Social Media Apps from App Store: In response to new UK sanctions on Russian oligarchs, Apple removed iOS apps developed by technology conglomerate VK and disabled the developer accounts associated with the apps.

UK Information Commissioner’s Office Targets TikTok for Mishandling Children’s Data: The privacy regulator issued a preliminary notice of intent informing the company that it has reason to believe that TikTok unlawfully processed information from users under 13 over a two-year span and that TikTok failed to adequately notify users about the processing of “special category information” such as ethnicity, political leanings, religious beliefs, and others.
Information Security and Cyberthreats

Optus Data Breach Prompts Australian Privacy Law Overhaul: Last week, the Australian telecommunications company revealed that nearly 10 million customers, or 40 percent of the country’s population, had their personal data including names, birth dates, home addresses, phone and email contacts, and passport and driver’s license numbers exposed in a hack. The country’s prime minister has since called for changes to privacy laws that would require breached companies to share details about affected customers with banks to prevent fraud.
Intellectual Property

AI-Generated Graphic Novel Receives Copyright Registration: A graphic novel by a New York-based artist may be the first AI-generated piece to be recognized by the U.S. Copyright Office. The registration documentation, however, does not reference AI and lists only the artist as author, so some speculate that there may have been an “oversight of information” during review.
Freedom of Expression and Censorship

Instagram Permanently Bans Pornhub’s Account: Following a temporary ban imposed three weeks ago, the popular account for adult content has now been removed for good. Meta, which owns Instagram, claims that the account repeatedly ran afoul of its policies over a ten-year span, while Pornhub says it received no explanation about which policies it allegedly violated and cited unequal treatment between adult-content creators and mainstream celebrities who post nudity on the platform.
Practice Note

Proposed EU Rules Would Make it Easier to Sue for AI-Inflicted Harms: The AI Liability Directive would reshape products liability laws to encompass machine-learning systems and would create the right for individuals to obtain details about organizations’ AI use to help support legal claims.
On the Lighter Side

The Dark Side Goes AI: After 91-year-old James Earl Jones decided to wind down his acting commitments, Lucasfilm has turned to a Ukrainian sound startup to “clone” his voice for Disney Plus’ Obi-Wan Kenobi series.
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