CLIP-ings: July 17, 2015

Internet Governance

Apple Damming The Stream? Now that Apple has its own music streaming service, the FTC is “looking into” whether the company’s practice of taking a 30 percent cut of in-app purchases from other music streaming services and its restrictive policies on rivals’ advertising in the App Store violate antitrust law.


Third Time’s The Charm? The NTIA will soon host meetings to discuss drone privacy issues; privacy groups have previously walked out of NTIA talks because they believed the Agency’s proposed privacy practices would not afford consumers sufficient protection.

Information Security And Cyberthreats

“Ja” To IT Security Law: Germany passed legislation that requires over 2,000 companies and other “critical infrastructure” institutions to meet minimum cyber-security standards and to notify customers and the government about suspected cyber-attacks.

A Piracy Tale: The Authors Guild sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee arguing that Congress should force ISPs to “preemptively filter[ ] pirated material” on their sites, as individual authors lack the means to monitor for stolen content.

Intellectual Property

First Bite Of The Apple: The owner of the “iWatch” trademark sued Apple for buying Google ads that display the Apple Watch when users search for “iWatch.”

Free Expression And Censorship

Content Controlled: Author and bookseller groups requested that the DOJ investigate Amazon for antitrust violations on the basis that some of the company’s practices, such as selling or blocking certain books due to political leanings, “impede the free flow of ideas in our society.”

Practice Note

Patent Case Fee-Shifting: After online retailer Newegg prevailed in a patent suit brought by non-practicing entity SFA, the Federal Circuit denied Newegg’s request for legal fees on the ground that the case was not “exceptional;” nevertheless, the decision “will help better define the rules for fee-shifting.”

On The Lighter Side

A Real Shocker: A man was arrested “on suspicion of abstracting electricity” after he charged his iPhone in an outlet he spotted on the train.

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