CLIP-ings: July 24, 2015


Internet Governance

Uber Cap Taxied Away: Mayor Bill de Blasio pulled his plan to curb the company’s growth in New York City so long as it makes improvements for disabled passengers and provides the city with ride data.


Constitutionally Warranted: A New York appeals court ruled that Facebook cannot challenge the constitutionality of warrants for users’ information on their behalf; other companies and privacy groups argue that the decision “could set a troubling precedent giving prosecutors access to all kinds of digital information.”

Information Security And Cyberthreats

Hackers vs. Cheaters: Hacking group The Impact Team breached the database of AshleyMadison, a website for people seeking extra-relational affairs, and now threatens to unveil information about its 37 million users if the site is not taken offline.

The Digital Seatbelt? Legislators introduced the Security and Privacy in Your Car Act, a bill that aims to safeguard Internet-connected vehicles’ critical control systems, which research has proven can be compromised even while in motion.

Intellectual Property

Stream On, FilmOn: A U.S. District Judge held that the video streaming service FilmOn is entitled to receive the same copyright license as cable companies; the decision stands in direct conflict with Second Circuit precedent and, if upheld, would “open a route to legal TV-over-Internet businesses.”

Free Expression And Censorship

Free Speech Hub No More? Some Reddit users assert that new CEO Steve Huffman’s proposal to ban from the site illicit content and that which “violates a common sense of decency” amounts to undue censorship of free speech.

Practice Note

Lock It Before You Pocket: The Sixth Circuit ruled that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in statements recorded by the recipient of a pocket-dial.

On The Lighter Side

G0a1! Robots are taking over the World (Cup).

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