CLIP-ings: February 26, 2016

Internet Governance

A New Strategy: The Department of Justice has reached out to social media companies and community organizations to support a “counter messaging” approach to attempt to curb the spread of online radicalization.


DoD Outed: A court order related to the ongoing criminal investigation of a Silk Road 2.0 administrator confirmed that the Department of Defense paid the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University to share data related to Tor research and also stated that the administrator lacked a reasonable expectation of privacy in his IP address while using the browser.

Information Security And Cyberthreats

How Not To Lose: The Department of Homeland Security released guidelines to aid organizations in the execution of rights granted to them under the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which allows companies to report and share information about cybersecurity threats with the government without breaching privacy obligations.

Das Backdoor: Police in Germany may now push spyware into suspects’ computers and mobile devices to monitor their communications with the “outside world” when lives or national security are at risk and after receiving a court order.

Intellectual Property

Trademark Grounded: The TTAB upheld the USPTO’s decision to deny the registration of a “” trademark to the website of the same name on the grounds that the term is generic for travel reservation services.

Free Expression And Censorship

Express Yourself? A Pennsylvania federal judge ruled that the right to passively record police conduct is not protected by the First Amendment unless the recording is done for an “expressive” purpose such as to challenge or criticize police behavior.

Your Words Are Ours: After the Chinese government released regulations designed to increase control of foreign media content in the country, President Xi Jinping declared that the country’s news media exists primarily to serve the Communist Party’s objectives.

On The Lighter Side

“Selfie Pay:” MasterCard wants your Insta-skills to enhance online security.

Joel R. Reidenberg
Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair and Professor of Law and Founding Academic Director, CLIP

N. Cameron Russell
Executive Director, Fordham CLIP

Thomas B. Norton
Privacy Fellow, Fordham CLIP

Victoria Geronimo
Dean’s Fellow, Fordham CLIP

Carey McConnell and Idalys Núñez
Editorial Fellows, Fordham CLIP

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