CLIP-ings: November 20, 2015

Internet Governance

État D’urgence: The French National Assembly passed Amendment 50, permitting the Minister of the Interior to “take any measure to ensure the interruption” of media channels, such as the press, radio, movies, and publications, when the country is under a state of emergency.

Information Security And Cyberthreats

Securagram: Days after a third-party app was found stealing usernames and passwords, the photo sharing service updated its API policy to eliminate third-party access to a user’s full feed.

Keys To The Back Door: The Manhattan District Attorney asked Congress to enact legislation that would allow government access to encrypted data, citing numerous cases where encrypted mobile phone data allegedly hindered prosecution.

Intellectual Property

Million Dollar Protection: YouTube announced a new initiative that will offer legal protection to select users whose videos are subject to DMCA copyright takedown requests and which the site strongly believes to be fair use.

Litigatin’ Around This Tree: The makers of the tree-shaped car fresheners sued a rival car-scent company for trademark infringement of their signature tree shape.

Free Expression And Censorship

Facebook House Rules: A California district court ruled that Facebook could block a Sikh activist group’s social media page without providing an explanation because religious discrimination is precluded under the Communications Decency Act.

Practice Note

Securing Authority: The FCC recently settled its first data security breach enforcement action involving a cable operator revealing the agency’s growing claim of authority in data security matters.

On The Lighter Side

Stuffing Ahead! Google Maps gives you a healthy helping of Thanksgiving Day traffic navigation tips.

Joel R. Reidenberg
Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair and Professor of Law and Founding Academic Director, CLIP

N. Cameron Russell
Executive Director, Fordham CLIP

Thomas B. Norton
Privacy Fellow, Fordham CLIP

Tory Geronimo
Dean’s Fellow, Fordham CLIP

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Editorial Fellows, Fordham CLIP

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