CLIP-ings: May 27, 2016

Internet Governance

One Low Price:  In addition to proposals relating to online video streaming services and potential unfair practices in web platforms’ terms of use, the European Commission put forward a rule to prohibit “geoblocking” by internet retailers in Europe, a practice which allows online sellers to charge different prices for the same product in different E.U. Member States.

“.@FordhamCLIP” No More:  In an effort to simplify the social network and attract new users, Twitter has changed several peculiarities of tweeting, including new exemptions from the 140-character limit and altered default rules for recipient audiences.

Password Prohibition:  The freedom to use “Password123” as your password on Microsoft platforms is no longer permitted; in addition to character length and sophistication requirements, the company will also prevent users from choosing any password contained on a recurrently updated list derived from cyber leaks.


Launch Pad For Mainstream:  Best practices for commercial, individual and journalistic uses of unmanned aircraft systems were promulgated by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration; companies should provide advance notices, drones should not be used for employment or health care coverage information gathering, and news media should utilize drones in accordance with laws and their own codes of ethics.

Information Security And Cyberthreats

Good As New?  A new GAO report describes the condition of United States government IT systems and equipment; noting that a Department of Defense nuclear system is using an IBM Series 1 computer and eight-inch floppy disks, lawmakers push for modernization and investment in upgrades.

Free Expression

Higher Learning:  To disseminate information to the North Korean people more effectively and precisely than previous methods to do so, including with air balloons and human smugglers, activists are now distributing SD cards and USB drives containing entertainment and informational content with helicopter drones.

Practice Note

DTSA Deployment:  Employers are required to include a notice that the new Defend Trade Secrets Act gives certain immunities to whistle blowers “in any contract or agreement with an employee that governs the use of a trade secret or other confidential information.”

On The Lighter Side

Capitalized Or Not?  CLIP-ings will evolve with “The Times” on this grammatical issue often debated among our editorial staff.

Joel R. Reidenberg
Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair and Professor of Law and Founding Academic Director, CLIP

N. Cameron Russell
Executive Director, Fordham CLIP