CLIP-ings: December 18, 2015

Internet Governance

CISA Revival: The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which sought to compel tech companies to send the government cybersecurity threat information, was renamed and inserted into the omnibus budget bill, making it likely that the controversial bill will become law.

Taxing Work: The House of Representatives passed a bill that seeks to renew the ban on municipal and state taxes on Internet access and sales.


EU Data Privacy Reform: The European Union agreed to reforms in its data privacy rules that are expected to strengthen data protection laws for EU citizens, harmonize legislation between member states, and strengthen law enforcement cooperation.

Information Security And Cyberthreats

Lights Out: Hacktivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for temporarily shutting down the New York City Trump Tower website, citing disapproval over presidential candidate Donald Trump’s stance on Muslim immigration into the United States.

Intellectual Property

Merry Swiftmas: All pop star Taylor Swift wants for Christmas this year is a myriad of trademark protections for words and phrases such as “Swiftmas,” “1989,” and “Blank Space.”

Free Expression And Censorship

Censoring Hate Speech: After talks with the German government, which has been attempting to crack down on hate speech against recent refugees, tech giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter agreed to delete German hate speech appearing on their platforms within 24 hours of being published.

Practice Note

No Waze That’s Copyright Infringement: A district court held that defendant traffic app Waze’s use of the same “points of interest database” – comprised of data including “the location of traffic conditions [and] road hazards” – as a rival app does not amount to copyright infringement of a compilation if other factual points are added to the app’s algorithm.

On The Lighter Side

Patent DIY: How the patent filing process goes, according to The Onion.

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