CLIP-ings: July 23, 2021

Internet Governance

European Commission Proposes To Make Crypto Transactions More Transparent: Proposed rules designed to curb money laundering and terrorism financing would require that crypto-asset transfers be treated like wire transfers so that transactions include certain information about senders and recipients.

Mobile Device Data Purchased From Data Broker Outs Priest For Alleged Sexual Misconduct: A high-ranking member of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops resigned following an investigation and report by a Catholic-focused media outlet that claimed that data from the priest’s mobile device showed that he frequented gay bars and often used the gay dating app Grindr; the story sheds light on the propriety of being able to track individuals using “national security-style surveillance technology.”
Information Security and Cyberthreats

Fourth Hacker Arrested In Connection With July 2020 Twitter Hack: The 22-year-old hacker known to deal in usernames was arrested for his role in last year’s plot to take over celebrity Twitter accounts to perpetrate a bitcoin scam.
Intellectual Property

FTC Pledges To Enforce Competition In Repair Market: In a unanimously-approved policy statement, the Commission announced that it plans to make unlawful repair restrictions an enforcement priority by, among other things, evaluating whether they violate antitrust laws or amount to unfair or deceptive practices.
Free Expression and Censorship

Twitter Suspends Account Of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene For Spreading Covid Misinformation: The congresswoman from Georgia saw her account disabled for twelve hours after she posted incorrect information about Covid’s dangerousness; Greene called the ban “a Communist-style attack on free speech.”

Facebook Blocks #VaccinesKill Hashtag Following Backlash: After long concluding that the hashtag did not violate its policies, the social network has reversed course and blocked content containing it; the move comes in the wake of recent criticism from President Biden that social media companies’ failures to curb misinformation are “killing people.”
Practice Note

Compelled Biometric Decryption Features In Insurrection Case: A federal judge granted a Department of Justice request to compel a defendant held in connection with the January 6 riot to use facial recognition to unlock his laptop, which prosecutors believe stores 6 gigabytes of video footage that the defendant took while at the Capitol.  
On the Lighter Side

Skip The Trip To The Eye Doc With Warby Parker’s New Vision Test App: The popular eyeglasses company will help customers see if their prescription is up-to-date using an app-based vision test. 
Olivier Sylvain Academic Director, Fordham CLIP
Tom Norton Executive Director, Fordham CLIP