CLIP-ings: September 18, 2020

Internet Governance

Facebook Granted Judicial Review Of Probe Into Its Transatlantic Data Transfers: After arguing that it had been unfairly targeted and that its Standard Contractual Clause had not been invalidated, Facebook was granted leave by the Irish High Court for judicial review of the Irish Data Protection Commission’s recent order threatening Facebook’s ability to transfer information from the European Union to the United States.

Oracle Foretells Partnership With TikTok: With the waning of Microsoft’s interest, Oracle has swept in to rescue TikTok in the face of President Trump’s mandate that the popular app be sold or shut down in the United States; experts believe Oracle and TikTok may be uniquely suited to each other given the goodwill between Trump and Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, as well as Oracle’s cloud services and record of security.

Singapore Distributes Bluetooth Contact-Tracing Tokens To Contain Spread Of Covid-19: Singapore’s government rolled out a hardware version of its existing contact-tracing app to citizens who are less likely to own a smartphone; like the app, information stored on the token is purged regularly to alleviate privacy concerns. 

Revenge Porn Reports Surge During Lockdown: Following lockdown in the United Kingdom, reports of non-consensual pornography made to a government-funded helpline have increased by 22 precent from 2019 despite coronavirus restrictions easing.
Information Security and Cyberthreats

20,000 Terabytes Under The Sea: After a years-long experiment in which Microsoft submerged a large container filled with servers off the coast of Scotland, the tech giant has found the aquatic data center eight times more reliable than dry-land analogs, with decreased cooling requirements, increased power-efficiency, and the ability to provide portable, local data storage. 
Intellectual Property

U.S. Customs And Border Protection Tweets Its Seizure Of “Counterfeit Airpods”: After CBP tweeted about its seizure of “counterfeit Airpods,” thousands of Twitter users replied to inform CBP that the products were actually OnePlus Buds, legitimate wireless earbuds inspired by Apple’s sleek white wireless Airpods. 
Free Expression and Censorship

Twitter’s Labelling Of Doctored Posts Easily Missed By Twitter Users: As Election Day approaches, Twitter increasingly flags doctored videos by affixing a tiny notice that reads “Manipulated Media,” a label that is easily missed and fails to explain how the video is false, while still allowing users to share the tweet. 

Practice Note

Safety Driver Charged With Negligent Homicide In Collision Involving Autonomous Vehicle: The backup driver in a self-driving Uber vehicle has been charged with negligent homicide following the death of a woman the vehicle struck in 2018; the decision seems largely predicated on the fact that the backup driver was distracted and failed to assume timely control of the vehicle, but investigators at the National Transportation Safety Board also found deficiencies in Uber’s risk assessments and safety controls.
On the Lighter Side

Apple And Singapore Partner To Incentivize Apple Watch Users To Stay Healthy: As part of a national initiative to help Singaporeans lead healthier lives, Apple and the country announced a two-year health program that will encourage users to hit fitness goals by offering financial incentives through the Apple Watch and an iPhone app called LumiHealth. 
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