CLIP-ings: April 1, 2016

Internet Governance

No Bite Of The Apple: The Department of Justice withdrew its legal action against Apple, which sought to compel the tech company to provide means to access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, after it independently found a way to unlock the phone.


Non, Merci: The French data privacy regulator fined Google €100,000 for violating the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” rule by not removing requested links from search results on a worldwide basis, thus rejecting Google’s efforts to balance the EU rule with free speech principles by only delisting links to users with a French IP address.

Get A Warrant: A Maryland appellate court upheld a lower court ruling that police use of stingrays requires a warrant based upon disclosure to the court of the “particularity” of the stingray’s functions and the “manner of the search,” because “cell phone users have an objectively reasonable expectation that their cell phones will not be used as real-time tracking devices” by police.

Information Security And Cyberthreats

Exposing Inadequacy: CNBC published a story to help readers judge their passwords’ adequacy but inadvertently made the inputted passwords available to other users on the same network and to advertisers.

Intellectual Property

Image Control: Retired world-famous soccer player Pelé brought suit against Samsung for $30 million dollars in a Chicago federal court, alleging Samsung impermissibly used his likeness to advertise one of its products after his endorsement negotiations with the company failed.

Court Spikes Publicity Claims: An Ohio federal court dismissed Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords as defendants in a lawsuit alleging that a couple’s publicity and privacy rights were violated when an author used their engagement photograph on the cover of his self-published book “A Gronking to Remember.”

Practice Note

Disclosure Duties: A California federal district court judge gave counsel in the Google v. Oracle case the choice of agreeing to a ban on internet research of potential jurors or disclosing the method and extent of their internet research.

On The Lighter Side

Wrong Demo Turn: Google Maps wrong directions may lead to your house being demolished.

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